Thursday, 29 January 2009

the Boorish Whore, the Fat Manipulator and the Ugly One..!

During one of his umpteen journeys , the Person came across the triad .

It all began when the Person came to the Talkers. All the talkers knew and did , as was expected of them was talk , talk and talk. Never to blame! All they were required to do was talk on a subject they were supposed to know..Still many of them
slipped on the subject , some had a great fall like Humpty Dumpty at times..In course of time, they started talking about other subjects ! things they didnt know or werent aware of..Subjects and materials they could never fathom..

the triumvirate thought they controlled...THOUGHT...

the whore was dumb, ugly one was ugly as expected and SHREWD , and the Fat Lady sang!!

She "sang" thru out the day,tried to make the others sing too..

Subtle at first, the crescendo rose to a pitch the Talkers couldnt bear...
(to be contd..)

Friday, 9 January 2009

..riding a tiger?!!hmmm

..mahatma shamed..








paedophiles and fanatics..

fOuRtH eStAtE 'ViGilaNtE'...


You are the banyan tree
that provides shade when I tire;
You are the lamp that glows
for me at dusk;
You are the full moon
that shines for me at night.
You are the queen in the realm
of my dreams;
You are my phoenix risen from
the ashes of love;
You are my everything...
Nothing else matters really ...


Oasis he saw at a distance
On nearing found it a mirage,
The nearby sand dunes looked beautiful
But the desert winds placed them afar.
The snail-paced caravan
rolling down the slope,
Gave the weary traveller
a glimmer of hope,
But moved away swiftly when approached.
Warm sand filled the palm of his hands,
But slipped away through
Undisturbing the stance,
The soft golden sands of the afternoon,
But shone silvery in the evening.
The tow humped camels
bleated throughout the night
Making him wonder
when water would be at sight
Hunger had to be appeased
Thirst to be quenched,
Frustrations seeped in
and delusions had no end.
Starless night descended
Like a cloak of gloom,
Worrying the traveller,
Where the quest began and

When shall all this end?!


All the dreams have come
To a standstill;
The feeling is always there
that life has nothing to instill,
Aspirations , creativity and passions
Here come to a pause,
Alas! Fail to understand
Why there's been
Such a loss?
The flowers have started withering,
The moon's shine is not so bright,
For the stranger in the mirror,
Fortunes seem a distant sight.


Love has filled his vacant heart,
Passions are upto the brim;
Her innocent smile has made him content,
Promising she is there through thick and thin.
Serenity gradually enveloped him,
Satisfying him to the core;
The future was so inviting,
Ignorantly he had thought it a bore.
The garden was devoid of flora,
He had wished to see them in bloom;
Spring set in and came the colours,
Nudging him out of the gloom.
The catamaran in the sea drifted slowly,
Seeing dark lurid clouds in the horizon;
Brewing storm subsided and the sun shone brightly,
Relieving him from the sea of pent emotions.
The moon was shaped like a crescent,
And moonlight scarce in the yard;
Eclipse passed away and light was in ascent,
Convincing him life would not be so hard.


One fine morning I eagerly rose,
My mind full of poetry and lucid prose,
Down I sat with my golden pen,
Thinking of what has to be written.
Images and ideas fluttered through my mind,
But in the end I left them all behind,
Seconds passed into minutes,
Minutes into hour
My imagination seemed to have
turned a bit sour!
I had a spark out of the blue,
But my pen seemed stuck with superglue!
I blamed my pen, I blamed the paper,
I blamed everyone, prince and pauper
Thoughts, visions and inspirations
Seemed to have vanished
Leaving me wondering
How to get this replenished,
Suddenly a torrent of verses
flashed through my heart,
Giving my wings of prosy
A badly needed start.
My pen started to flow
and made my paper glow,
Assuring me that
everything was in tow,
Hence everyday morning I eagerly rise,
Scheming how to win life's everyday prize!


Oh Celestial One!
Descend to this world I fervently pray,
Mankind here has gone astray;
Oh Fiery One!
Shower down volumes of thy punishing fire
On everyone who helps evil sire;
Oh Omnipotent One!
Bring down thy sword of inevitable justice
On warmongers who are averse to worldly peace;
Oh Infinite One!
Wave thy sceptre over the kaleidoscope of life,
Transforming it for those who take it as strife;
Oh Divine One!
Bless this blind world with thy gift of sight,
And upon puny mortals who quarrel and fight;
Oh Merciful One!
Pardon those who seek to blaspheme,
Who unknowingly have drifted away to this extreme!


Ragged and filthy, but with intentions healthy
in search of solace he wandered;
Over the hills, meadows lush green
and through dusty villages, he sauntered.

He walked in haste, murmuring and praying
with beads in his fingers endlessly rolling;
His feet were bruised , toes bleeding
breathing laboured and heaving.

The call of the muezzin, he could hear far away
and rising chants of the devotees, in ecstatic sway;
Eyes shining in hope, he staggered towards his goal
beseeching the Almighty, for himself and his soul.

He felt someone touch his heart...
He sensed someone bless his soul...
He felt elated on his zest
to have embarked on such a quest.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


The jigsaw puzzle has fallen into place
and forms have become clearer;
Images that once were blurred
but now have become more sharper.

Lo! Behold! the blind man can see
The Supreme has blessed him with sight
and unfocussed past is left behind

Rust has come off the corroded mind
and outlines of future taken shape;
Hopefully there shall not be any conflict within
tranquility and sense shall prevail.


Although thousands of miles away,
Still you all are in my heart;
Just by thinking of your wonderful memories,
Makes my day start.
The laughter, the joy, the sorrows
that we had collectively shared,
Now melancholy and distress, I humbly pray
You kindly be spared.
Nostalgic memories of the yore
haunt me at times;
Of warmth, tenderness and affection
which made everything divine.
Like the amazing King Midas touch
we turned our dreams into gold!
But our love, caring and passion
sometimes remained untold.
But in our hearts we always know,
That we shall be there for one another;
Whether the heaven splits or lightnings befall,
Our strong bonds would never give it a bother.
The selfless love we have imbibed is
like those grains of sand,
Eternally dripping in the hourglass;
Whether kept upside down
or upright;
It keeps on pouring forever.
The unending rivers flow to the ocean,
Vast oceans of fantasy;
Likewise flow our dreams from one to the other,
Dreams of impending reality!


Whenever she looked at me,
my heart fluttered like a butterfly!
When she stood besides me,
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
My mind galloped like a horse
riderless and without reins,
Brimming with wondrous thoughts
which gave me a sweet lingering pain!!
The classrooms were noticeably full
whenever she had an hour.
For the absentees ,
the whole day was really sour!
The classroom seemed lifeless
sans her sparkling voice,
With her around , tough subjects
seemed everybodys natural choice!
Years have flown and everbody gone
Here I remain ,sad and forlorn.
Dreaming of those days, wonderful and bygone!


Every morning I arise thinking of you
and at night I sleep dreaming of you;
Every knock I expect you at my door
and stare at the eternal vacuum.
My days were bright with you always in sight
My dawns were colourful and evenings blissful
Alas! the colours have faded and my passions jaded
Swaying and tossing in the gale;
Here I am
A canoe adrift.
The waves lash at me mercilessly,
Looming dark clouds do I sometimes see
on the horizon.
I hear the seagulls squeaking in anguish
as their day draws to an end;
And I look afar for a cloud that has
a silver lining.


Blazing across the dark skies,
Leaving behind a trail of glory;
Sailing through the galaxy,
Fulfilling dreams and colourful stories.

Eager eyes follow the long-tailed star,
Wishes are made in haste and hurry ;
But away it goes, farther and far,
Leaving the admirer in a worry

The golden sun and the velvety moon,
Holding sway in the Milky Way,
Are always in awe of the heavenly visitor
Who occasionally appears and glides away!

Revolving planets and the orbital satellites
Moving in an elliptical path,
Seem to hail the oncoming comet
Along with the brightness of a million twinkling stars!

Gods and goddesses abode the heavens,
Watching over the unique game;
Always keep wondering about the denouement
And whether this scenario would eternally remain!


When shall you descend, my little angel?!
When shall my dreams come true, my sweet angel?!
I pine for you, my precious one
More than anything under the sun;
Hoping when you arrive
You shall fill my days with fun;
I ponder during the day and
until the twilight,
I ponder every minute till the
darkness of the night;
The narrow ray of hope
shines for me always bright,
The one and only goal
which I have kept in my wavering sight;
I shall sing melodious songs for you
and weave stories old and gold,
And whisper everything, my beloved one
All which have still remained untold.
I see your colourful gummy smile
in my colourless dreams everyday,
But when I passionately arise
it withers and fades away.
I can hear your tinkling laughter
always resounding in my ears;
I hope and pray at all times
that my dreams shall allay my fears!
I need you to hold my hand
during the evenings of my life,
When the church bells toll for me and
the time is to say final goodbye.
When shall you appear, my sweet angel ?

When shall my dreams come true, my little angel ?!


Have to brush away the cobwebs from the heart…..

The river of life flowing as per the tide,
Changing its courses zigzag, if not wide;
King Bruce’s spider which had succeeded the seventh time
Would not have cared to jump if it lived during these times!
Warring nations, malicious decisions, muscle and mayhem
Nothing‘s going to change in future and the times to come….

Have to brush away the cobwebs from the heart……

Atrocities, starvation, chaos have become the order of the day,
Have to do something, can’t just wish the problems away.
The hungry orphaned children, writhing and crying in their plight
Bulbs flashed and awards won, have become photographers’ delight..
Scores of sane people in this insane world of evil,
Feign sleep while wide awake; have they sold their souls to the devil?!

Have to brush away the cobwebs from the heart…….
Which if delayed shall set the whole game apart
The game of life, full of ardour and spice
for snobbish, greedy people who crave for the largest slice….
Sooner or later, repentance and enlightenment shall dawn
But the ultimate truth remains; we are destiny’s mere pawns.

Have to brush away the cobwebs from the heart…….


Cool breeze caressing his face,
sat the pillion rider at the rear,
Watching the scenery whiz past,

 his mind in turmoil and fear.
Would he reach his destination,

 would the journey be alright?
Would he fulfil his desired needs,

 on which he had set his sights?

The endless road ahead lay,

 like a slithery long snake in the sun
Full of ups and downs on the way,

 the ride was definitely no fun;
Cruising along the desert highway,

 his mind full of precarious thoughts
He kept on thinking how and when

 his ideas had come to a naught.

He longed to be like his companion,

who was riding away to glory
But envy and hurt pride seethed within,

 feeling for himself sorry.
Ghostly visions unfolded before him

 and reminiscences of the past
In his own world and society,

 had he become an outcast?!

A wave of elation swept the rider,

 as he realised the need for resolutions
Getting hold of the reins,

was one of the main conclusions
Serene and composed,

the rider with decisions galore
Promised himself earnestly

never to ride pillion anymore.


With darkness in front of his eyes,
limped the blind man down the way
Listening to nature's sounds,
birds chirping and flapping away.
He could feel the warm sun on his body
and smell freshness of the earth
But feeling pangs of selfpity,
for the blindness had cost him all that is worth

Suddenly he heard,
far and away, cries of anguish and pain
Bombs dropped and houses blown,
without anybodys mutual gain
He thanked his Lord with great reverence
for creating him blind and lame
He knew if he could see ,
his world would have never been the same

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


hmmmmmmmmm........what to write?! hmmmm....maybe later.........feeling sleepy..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


            Are angels real or so I wonder Do they exist or is it just blunder? I   seek them faraway and in my mind A...