Thursday, 8 January 2009


Cool breeze caressing his face,
sat the pillion rider at the rear,
Watching the scenery whiz past,

 his mind in turmoil and fear.
Would he reach his destination,

 would the journey be alright?
Would he fulfil his desired needs,

 on which he had set his sights?

The endless road ahead lay,

 like a slithery long snake in the sun
Full of ups and downs on the way,

 the ride was definitely no fun;
Cruising along the desert highway,

 his mind full of precarious thoughts
He kept on thinking how and when

 his ideas had come to a naught.

He longed to be like his companion,

who was riding away to glory
But envy and hurt pride seethed within,

 feeling for himself sorry.
Ghostly visions unfolded before him

 and reminiscences of the past
In his own world and society,

 had he become an outcast?!

A wave of elation swept the rider,

 as he realised the need for resolutions
Getting hold of the reins,

was one of the main conclusions
Serene and composed,

the rider with decisions galore
Promised himself earnestly

never to ride pillion anymore.

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