Thursday, 8 January 2009


When shall you descend, my little angel?!
When shall my dreams come true, my sweet angel?!
I pine for you, my precious one
More than anything under the sun;
Hoping when you arrive
You shall fill my days with fun;
I ponder during the day and
until the twilight,
I ponder every minute till the
darkness of the night;
The narrow ray of hope
shines for me always bright,
The one and only goal
which I have kept in my wavering sight;
I shall sing melodious songs for you
and weave stories old and gold,
And whisper everything, my beloved one
All which have still remained untold.
I see your colourful gummy smile
in my colourless dreams everyday,
But when I passionately arise
it withers and fades away.
I can hear your tinkling laughter
always resounding in my ears;
I hope and pray at all times
that my dreams shall allay my fears!
I need you to hold my hand
during the evenings of my life,
When the church bells toll for me and
the time is to say final goodbye.
When shall you appear, my sweet angel ?

When shall my dreams come true, my little angel ?!

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