Monday, 25 January 2010


I am Charon, the old boatman
who ferries you all towards the light,
Whoever crosses over to the underworld
I ferry them in the night.

Death has brought me yet again
a body embalmed not bare;
But this time I do not see my coin
have they forgotten or just unaware?

Oaring across this great River Styx
the coins have kept me going;
I always demand my fare and dues
if not then I would not be rowing.

Should I make an exception risky and
take this poor old soul aboard?
Will the great King Hades understand my stance
or throw this wretched old man overboard?

'Brave' Hercules threateningly had gotten across,
Another who had sung his way to fame;
Had I been weak and lenient with a few?
Or should I have beaten them at their own game.
 Hence I have decided to take aboard the old timer
 and ferry him to the Land of the Dead
 For I know tomorrow when this ferryman dies
 some good soul would definitely ferry me ahead!

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