Saturday, 20 November 2010

I agree with Sean Paul Kelley on his views about India, though a tad bit exaggerated .This is what India is like at the moment but are other countries any better?! Mexico, Pakistan , most of the African continent, Bangladesh and countless other nations …are in  ‘deep shit’ if I borrow what he implies !I can quote hundreds of examples of  other nations who are worse than India in every sense, be it cultural, political, human rights violations etc! Mr Kelly seems to be one of those agents of ‘Western imperialism’ (courtesy: Mr Kelly) who really want to portray India in a bad light. Poor chap seems to have missed his daily quota of nocturnal drinks during one of his sojourns in the railways! You know how frustrating it can be! I take his ramblings that of a Westerner who can’t digest India becoming noticed given the recent happenings after Uncle Sam visited India. For a person who keeps on changing from one profession to the other, we can imagine how fickle poor Mr Kelly’s mind can be!


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