Thursday, 8 January 2009


Blazing across the dark skies,
Leaving behind a trail of glory;
Sailing through the galaxy,
Fulfilling dreams and colourful stories.

Eager eyes follow the long-tailed star,
Wishes are made in haste and hurry ;
But away it goes, farther and far,
Leaving the admirer in a worry

The golden sun and the velvety moon,
Holding sway in the Milky Way,
Are always in awe of the heavenly visitor
Who occasionally appears and glides away!

Revolving planets and the orbital satellites
Moving in an elliptical path,
Seem to hail the oncoming comet
Along with the brightness of a million twinkling stars!

Gods and goddesses abode the heavens,
Watching over the unique game;
Always keep wondering about the denouement
And whether this scenario would eternally remain!

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