Friday, 9 January 2009


Oasis he saw at a distance
On nearing found it a mirage,
The nearby sand dunes looked beautiful
But the desert winds placed them afar.
The snail-paced caravan
rolling down the slope,
Gave the weary traveller
a glimmer of hope,
But moved away swiftly when approached.
Warm sand filled the palm of his hands,
But slipped away through
Undisturbing the stance,
The soft golden sands of the afternoon,
But shone silvery in the evening.
The tow humped camels
bleated throughout the night
Making him wonder
when water would be at sight
Hunger had to be appeased
Thirst to be quenched,
Frustrations seeped in
and delusions had no end.
Starless night descended
Like a cloak of gloom,
Worrying the traveller,
Where the quest began and

When shall all this end?!

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