Friday, 9 January 2009


Love has filled his vacant heart,
Passions are upto the brim;
Her innocent smile has made him content,
Promising she is there through thick and thin.
Serenity gradually enveloped him,
Satisfying him to the core;
The future was so inviting,
Ignorantly he had thought it a bore.
The garden was devoid of flora,
He had wished to see them in bloom;
Spring set in and came the colours,
Nudging him out of the gloom.
The catamaran in the sea drifted slowly,
Seeing dark lurid clouds in the horizon;
Brewing storm subsided and the sun shone brightly,
Relieving him from the sea of pent emotions.
The moon was shaped like a crescent,
And moonlight scarce in the yard;
Eclipse passed away and light was in ascent,
Convincing him life would not be so hard.

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