Thursday, 8 January 2009


Although thousands of miles away,
Still you all are in my heart;
Just by thinking of your wonderful memories,
Makes my day start.
The laughter, the joy, the sorrows
that we had collectively shared,
Now melancholy and distress, I humbly pray
You kindly be spared.
Nostalgic memories of the yore
haunt me at times;
Of warmth, tenderness and affection
which made everything divine.
Like the amazing King Midas touch
we turned our dreams into gold!
But our love, caring and passion
sometimes remained untold.
But in our hearts we always know,
That we shall be there for one another;
Whether the heaven splits or lightnings befall,
Our strong bonds would never give it a bother.
The selfless love we have imbibed is
like those grains of sand,
Eternally dripping in the hourglass;
Whether kept upside down
or upright;
It keeps on pouring forever.
The unending rivers flow to the ocean,
Vast oceans of fantasy;
Likewise flow our dreams from one to the other,
Dreams of impending reality!

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