Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sozzled philosophers of the Midlands!

Both reeked of achohol when they sat down on the sofa. It was a Saturday morning a few years ago. They had come to 'lecture' about life and its intricacies,especially here in the United Kingdom. A fine Saturday morning. So many things to be done. So many plans to be executed. But no, the visitors had other plans. Some sort of agenda played on their faces and minds.

The Rat Faced ignoramus was an yes man. Yesman to the core. Lacking sophistication and culture. Blabbing away throughout with his funny anecdotes and trying to impress with his little nuggets of wisdom. Ratface's narration and  attitude would make everyone want to puke.

The Hep Guy was more randy than a gigolo. A wave of his undergarment near a fertile hip was all that was needed for a nine-month countdown, or so the folklore goes.. His reputation preceded him.  He did everything to make others think he was hep. He always had a coterie around him. He and his band of merry men always did everything to make their life merry. But beneath that happy-go-lucky facade lay a sinister,plotting mind.

"Dirty mind"! Gulshan Grover would say.

Heppy started the lecture fuelled by Dutch courage“ Life is an adjustment” he announced! All of a sudden I could see him morphing into Baba Ramdev, with the long black beard and a halo around his head!... Or so it seemed! Lo behold! someone has spoken a great truth that none were aware of!! LIFE IS AN ADJUSTMENT! He went on lecturing and Ratface went on nodding. In between, Ratface did add in a few of his observations which were overflowing with heavenly wisdom.

I was enlightened! I felt like The Buddha under the Bodhi tree!(TO BE CONTD....)

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